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Sermon Text: God the Righteous Creator

God the Righteous Creator, preached at KBCF Lighthouse Church on July 10, 2011. Text is from Habakkuk 1:1-11.

There’s this man who was kind of down in the dumps. He had been fired from his job, couldn’t find another one in his field; His savings were dwindling, and pretty soon, he was gonna get evicted from his place.

One day, though, he was looking through the news paper finds a job listing for the Zoo. Didn’t say what it was, just that it required no experience, it paid pretty well, but they really needed someone right away. So he gets up, gets all dressed up ready for an interview and heads on down.

At the zoo, he meets with one of the managers, but then gets some bad news… the manager says that what it is, is, they’ve run out of monkeys, but it was going to be a really busy day and so they needed someone to work as a monkey.

“Sir, I’m not a monkey” the guy says.

But the manager says to him, “Don’t worry, it’s not hard. We’ll give you the outfit, we’ll dress you up properly and everything, and all you have to do is swing around a little bit, eat some bananas and some peanuts, make some monkey noise, and no one will ever find out.”

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