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Sermon Text: Man the Sinner

Man the Sinner. preached at KBCF Lighthouse Church on July 17, 2011. Scripture is from Habakkuk 1:12-2:1.

So we are in the middle of a sermon series based on this book, “What is the Gospel?” by Greg Gilbert a pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC.

Three weeks ago, I started it with an introduction to the book while also covering the first chapter, concerning the Word of God, by preaching out of 2nd Chronicles 34 which is the story of King Josiah and the Old Testament revival that he ushered in during his reign.

The result of that revival was the retrieval of the Book of the Law, which showed Josiah and the people of Judah just how badly they had gone of course in their relationship with God. Our point during that sermon was to show that God’s word is the ultimate authority over everything, and so it is the place where we must look in order to be able to answer the question “What is the Gospel?”.

Then last week, we started on the book of Habakkuk, which falls chronologically in line with 2nd Chronicles because Habakkuk, a prophet of Judah, the Southern Kingdom, was most likely active during the reign of Josiah, a time of spiritual fruit and maturity, but then he saw the decline and the return to apostasy of the people after Josiah died and his son Jehoahaz was made king.

Now, Habakkuk, remember has three major sections, the first two are complaints that Habakkuk makes to God, and God’s answers to each complaint. While the third is a prayer that Habakkuk offers up to God at the end of their “conversation”.

We covered Habakkuk’s first complaint in chapter 1 verses 2 to 4… then God’s answer to that complaint in verses 5 to 11. In these verses, we magnified characteristics of God – his righteousness and his wrath – as a way to make sense of the characteristic of God which most other people today usually magnify… that is, God’s love.

We saw that although love and wrath may seem at first to be at odds with each other, in fact, they complement and explain each other.

We cannot know how much God loves us without first an understanding of the wrath that God is saving us from. Conversely, God’s wrath, his punishment, is actually a loving act towards us, just as parents punish and reprove their children whom they love.

All of that corresponds to Chapter 2 of “What is the Gospel?” which concerns “God the Righteous Creator”.

Today then, we turn to Chapter 3 of the book, “Man the Sinner” and to the next portion of Habakkuk, found in chapter 1 verse 12 to chapter 2 verse 1. It is the 2nd complaint that Habakkuk makes to God, one that he actually makes in response to God’s answer to his first complaint. Continue reading