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Sermon Text: The Authority of the Bible

The Authority of the Bible, preached at KBCF Lighthouse Church on June 26, 2011. Text is from 2 Chronicles 34:1-21.

Before we begin to consider our text for today, I have to first set up and explain what will be happening here at KBCF Lighthouse Church starting in 2 weeks when I will be coming back to preach again, and going on for pretty much the rest of the summer.

I will be doing much of the preaching for you in July – in fact, next week, which is the first Sunday of the month, is the only week I won’t be preaching. And so, starting July 10, I will be with you for 4 weeks straight so that Pastor Alvin can receive a much deserved break, and a little bit of time to do some deputation for his ministry.

Anyway, during my 4 weeks with you, I will be starting a series of sermons based on this little book called “What is the Gospel?”, and it has just 8 short chapters. Today, I will kind of be covering Chapter 1… And I do say “kind of” because really the bulk of the chapter is just an introduction to the next four chapters, which is what I will then be covering in more detail with you when I come back in July. Afterward, the last three chapters will be covered by either Pastor Alvin, Pastor Mike, or myself.. Or some combination thereof.

Some quick little details about the book… It was written by Greg Gilbert, who is a pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. The senior pastor of that church is Mark Dever, who also wrote a popular book that has helped guide many churches, pastors and elder boards, called “Nine Marks of a Healthy Church”. That book went on to propagate an organization called “Nine Marks”, which produces resources to help build healthy churches. And this book, is one of their publications.

I first heard of the book more than a year ago… maybe around December of 2009, a few months before it was even published. At the time I was just starting to get acquainted with a group called “The Gospel Coalition”, which is headed up by D.A. Carson, a professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago, and Timothy Keller, a reformed pastor in New York City. You probably know him for his book “The Reason for God”, which was actually on the New York Times Best Seller list for a little while.

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