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Sermon: The Bible – One Long Story

I really shouldn’t call this a “sermon” so much as it was a short lesson presented from the material of our study. We are going through a book called “Handling the Word with Confidence” at The Upper Room right now, and while Pastor Jay and I do teach, we don’t exactly preach sermons, we go through the material and highlight important things that people absolutely need to know to get through the study. Here is the second session of the series.

Sermons Update – Ruth

Last Christmas, Pastor Jay and I took a break from our Judges series and switched out attention to Ruth. I had always felt like Ruth was kind of Christmas-y. I don’t know why. Probably because it ends with the birth of Ruth and Boaz’s son, Obed, who is in the lineage of Jesus Christ (I still have part of a song from like 10 Christmases ago called “Matthew’s Begat” memorized – “Ruth, she married Boaz, who had Obed, who had Jesse. Jesse, he had David, who we know as king”. Hehehe.)

Anyway, because of the Christmas production, I spoke 2 weeks in a row, and pretty much went through the background information of Ruth in preparation for Pastor Jay’s sermons, which really hammered on the points that we wanted to with this series – Biblical manhood and womanhood – and how it applies to relationships between men and women. In these two sermons, I focus in on the idea of “Hesed” – which is a Hebrew word often translated to “Lovingkindness”.

In the first sermon, I explained how this “Hesed” was seen in Ruth’s loyalty to her mother-in-law, essentially leading to her salvation. I thus linked “Hesed” to the Gospel, and had a good ‘ol gospel presentation. In the second sermon, I had a two-fold concern. One was to set up Pastor Jay by explaining the concept of Levirate marriage. And the second is of course to exposit the scriptures I was assigned. So there seems to be a disconnect in this second sermon, but I nonetheless was able to tie it together someone in the idea of “Hesed as a way of life” – that is, after you’ve accepted the Gospel.

1 – “Introducing Hesed”

2 – “Hesed as a Way of Life”

Sermons Update – Judges

I finally updated all of the Upper Room’s online sermons. And I’ve got a few of my own to post… Here they are collated by series. Here are my 3 sermons in Judges. Although I taught 8 times in Judges, I only actually had 3 “sermons”. The others were different kinds of studies.

1 – Judges Part 7, “Deborah and Barak”

2 – Judges Part 13, “Samson: The Life Ruled by Sight”

3 – Judges Part 15, “Outro: Micah and the Levite”