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Sermon: The Bible – One Long Story

I really shouldn’t call this a “sermon” so much as it was a short lesson presented from the material of our study. We are going through a book called “Handling the Word with Confidence” at The Upper Room right now, and while Pastor Jay and I do teach, we don’t exactly preach sermons, we go through the material and highlight important things that people absolutely need to know to get through the study. Here is the second session of the series.

Exploring the Kerygma, Part 1

My second paper of 2011-2012 … Grade received: A-

Chris Evangelista
Prof. Catherine Hamilton
5 October 2011

Exploring the Kerygma: Part 1

Four constituent parts of the Gospel message can be discerned to have been proclaimed in the early church: (1) Jesus died, (2) he rose from the dead, (3) he physically appeared to his disciples after his resurrection, and (4) all of these occurred in accordance to Jewish scriptures. These elements were drawn out of a process of closely reading and comparing Paul’s exhortation in 1 Corinthians 15:3-8, and the context and content of five sermons in Acts found in 2:14-39, 3:12-26, 4:8-12, 5:30-32, and 10:34-43.

That Jesus died and rose again are the two elements of the core Gospel message that are most obvious in the passages listed above. It seems that the disciples intended to be quite clear that this really happened, and that these two elements must be part of the core message. The fact that Jesus rose again from the dead is even proclaimed twice in the Acts 2 (verses 24 and 36) and Acts 3 (verses 15 and 26) sermons. To be sure, variations can be found between each of the passages; however, these variations are somewhat superficial.

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