Sermons Update – Ruth

Last Christmas, Pastor Jay and I took a break from our Judges series and switched out attention to Ruth. I had always felt like Ruth was kind of Christmas-y. I don’t know why. Probably because it ends with the birth of Ruth and Boaz’s son, Obed, who is in the lineage of Jesus Christ (I still have part of a song from like 10 Christmases ago called “Matthew’s Begat” memorized – “Ruth, she married Boaz, who had Obed, who had Jesse. Jesse, he had David, who we know as king”. Hehehe.)

Anyway, because of the Christmas production, I spoke 2 weeks in a row, and pretty much went through the background information of Ruth in preparation for Pastor Jay’s sermons, which really hammered on the points that we wanted to with this series – Biblical manhood and womanhood – and how it applies to relationships between men and women. In these two sermons, I focus in on the idea of “Hesed” – which is a Hebrew word often translated to “Lovingkindness”.

In the first sermon, I explained how this “Hesed” was seen in Ruth’s loyalty to her mother-in-law, essentially leading to her salvation. I thus linked “Hesed” to the Gospel, and had a good ‘ol gospel presentation. In the second sermon, I had a two-fold concern. One was to set up Pastor Jay by explaining the concept of Levirate marriage. And the second is of course to exposit the scriptures I was assigned. So there seems to be a disconnect in this second sermon, but I nonetheless was able to tie it together someone in the idea of “Hesed as a way of life” – that is, after you’ve accepted the Gospel.

1 – “Introducing Hesed”

2 – “Hesed as a Way of Life”

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